CATalogue V2 Preview

Cats In Our Care

Last updated: 16th November 2022

Name: Tallulah

Age: 4 years old

Location: Angmering

Status: Available

Bio: Owners moving and no room for her. She is very confident and friendly, though not used to younger children. Maybe OK with other cats, though hasn’t lived with any before.
Tends to be day time sleeper and night time prowler.

Name: Bella

Age: 12 years old (Golden Oldie)

Location: Foster

Status: Available

Bio: Adopted from us a few years ago, but owner now in a nursing home. Shy at first, but very friendly once she trusts you. Loves peace and quiet, so not one for kids. Might do well in a spacious indoor-only environment.

Name: Dean

Age: 7 years old

Location: Durrington

Status: Available

Bio: Here is a very loving and sweet male, who needs lots of tender loving care from his next owner. He would not be too happy with other
pets around or with younger children. Therefore, would probably be more suitable in older family environment.

Names: Tommy (left) & Savannah (right)

Age: 1 year old

Location: East Preston

Status: Reserved

Bio: Brother and sister pair that need to stay together. He is an adorable, cuddly and bold longer haired tabby.  She is a loving little tortie cat, more reticent than her brother, but every bit as affectionate as he is. They have never been outside, so need a very safe, quiet environment. Wonderful pets waiting to bring joy to next abode!