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If you currently have a cat which you can no longer keep & would like us to rehome for you please contact our Welfare Officer on 01903 883179 or email

Golden Oldies.......

Hi Everyone,

I feel it is time that I put in a good word for the oldies in our care. I know what you are thinking ‘Oh but we might not have them for very long’. But we all have to get old one day & these poor darlings need lots of love, care & attention just as much as a younger cat. They often appreciate it more too!

Here at Worthing Cat Welfare Trust we have a ‘Golden Oldies’ scheme for cats that are over 10 years old. We appreciate that they can have a few health problems relating to their advancing years so we have designed a scheme to help cope with this. Please call me on 01903 883179/07818824407 or email for more details of our scheme.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our Golden Oldies.
Jackie Riddles – Welfare Officer