Our Story

Worthing Cat Welfare Trust was started 25 years ago by Iris Green and myself, with a lot of help and support from Carole, Sharon, Tina and Carole’s Mum, who bought us a van, so that Carole (our Welfare officer at that time) could carry on with her important work.

At that time we had 40 cats in our care and the princely sum of £40!  We did car boot sales and any other fundraising that would help. We paid for cat food and vet bills ourselves. Carla Lane opened our first charity shop in Brighton Road, which proved to be very successful and started us out on the path to where we are today.

We couldn’t have done any of it without our band of foster mums, volunteers and loyal supporters. We all kept each other going through the ups and downs at this time. Today, we still have our foster mums, volunteers and loyal supporters and through sheer hard work and determination, 2021 has found us to be the successful charity that we are today. We are so lucky and appreciate all you do for us.

We also have new Trustees and committee members, whose enthusiasm inspires us all.

We have an excellent network of temporary foster homes, which really equates to a ‘virtual sanctuary’ without the ruinous costs of setting up our own establishment.  We will carry on with the excellent job that we do and that is rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens in and around the Worthing area.

Sandra Collins – WCWT Co-Founder

Mission Statement

We exist to provide and finance a safe and caring environment for abandoned, unwanted and distressed cats and kittens in the Worthing area, to arrange veterinary care, neutering, microchipping and to find loving, permanent homes wherever possible.

Charity Overview

The charity was formed in July 1995, granted charity status in October 1995 and consists of a team of experienced and professional carers watched over and supported by a board of trustees.

Prior to re-homing, our cats are cared for in a number of shelters (one of which is dedicated to mums & kittens) and by a number of foster-carers, who take them in as part of the family. We also have a location for cats, who are unfortunately unsuitable for re-homing due to old age, illness or severe trauma, in order that they can spend the rest of their lives in safety and tranquillity.

Meet The WCWT Team

Sandra Collins – Co-Founder

Chairperson between 2017 and 2020, and a Co-Founder way back in 1995, I have been involved with practically every aspect of this charity over the years.

My long-term contribution to WCWT has been fostering Mums and Kittens in dedicated maternity pens here at my own home in Findon Valley. Finding the vital finances that underpin our rescue and welfare work has also absorbed plenty of my (and my husband’s) time over the years.

Christine Jones – Treasurer

In late 2016, my husband and I were delighted to welcome two little bundles of fun into our lives, adopted from WCWT.

Fast forward two years and I wondered if I could help the charity in any way and use my skills from when I was Finance Manager at an airport. I volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer and now have the privilege of working with a fabulous team who are both passionate and dedicated to the welfare of cats in our area.

Jackie Riddles – Rescue & Welfare Officer (West)

I started with WCWT as a fosterer when it was first set up by Iris and Sandra. When the charity had their first shop in Worthing town centre, there was a vacancy for a Deputy Manager, so I applied and was given the job. I loved the challenge and eventually became Manager there.

For many years now I have been our Rescue and Welfare Officer. I meet lots of lovely people and I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from taking in needy cats, nurturing them and seeing them re-homed with a caring family in their ‘forever home’.

Germaine Conroy-Schneider – Rescue & Welfare Officer (East) and Lost & Found Coordinator

Being a real cat lover, I became involved with looking for feline fugitives a few years ago and its a “hobby” that grows into a complete way of life! Currently, I have five of my own and when one of them vanished a while back, I realized the importance of searching in a systematic and thorough way.

Losing a pet is a time of intense stress and misery for owners, but what satisfaction I get when I track Puss down and see the look of joy when reunion time comes.

Pam Fellows – Adoptions Officer

My role is to find secure, loving new homes for our dear little furry friends. All adoption enquiries land in my in-tray and thus begins the process of match-making between people and pusses.

I make a personal visit to the enquirer’s household to gauge suitability; this is a vital safeguard. Then adopters are invited to visit our pens and meet their preferred puss. After the adoption has been completed, I follow this up with another call to check things are settling down alright. If anything isn’t working out, Worthing Cat Welfare Trust is always there to take puss back in if need be.

Miriam Lopez – Fostering Officer

From an early age I welcomed rescue pets into my family home. I felt very lucky experiencing the joy of helping animals in need and discovering how, in many ways, the animals rescue us. With a qualification in Media Production and many years of experience, I approached WCWT and started editing videos to give a voice to some of the cats waiting to be adopted.

I am studying to become a professional Cat Behaviourist and I am very happy that my knowledge and expertise contributes to the process of helping our most vulnerable cats to find suitable forever homes.

Lynn Benfield – Administration Officer

I first got to know the WCWT team through adopting my cats, then later worked as a volunteer in their shop. Keen to give something back to a charity so dear to my heart, I offered my help and now work as Administrator.

Key to my role is maintaining the central database of our rescued and rehomed cats, including our Golden Oldies and supported cats. Working with national agencies, I also manage the microchip registrations which are so crucial to the ongoing welfare of our precious cats.

Catharine Duff – Secretary

My role as Secretary involves attending regular WCWT meetings, taking the minutes and distributing them, as well as the preparation of all agendas. I also liaise with folks who have rehomed our cats to maintain ongoing contact, encouraging them to become members where possible.

My involvement with WCWT started about ten years ago. Our beloved black and white cat, Cleo, had died and the house felt very empty without her. We only lasted about a month before we took the decision to get another cat,  or maybe even two!

Iris Green – Co-Founder

WCWT was started in 1995 by Sandra Collins and myself after many years’ experience working with another cat charity. We didn’t do it on our own, because a number of other volunteers came with us.

I was in the Chair until 2016 when I had to resign through ill health but I continue to look after my cats in a pen and indoors and do various other jobs connected with the charity, though not quite as many as I did before!

Lucy Todd – Website Manager

I saw an article about WCWT in a local magazine in 2018, and they were asking for admin assistance so decided to see if I could be of any help.

I love cats, and am passionate about animal welfare so I think this is a very worthwhile use of my free time!

Mike Glennon – Marketing & Current Chairman

Since joining WCWT in the summer of 2017, I have taken on the responsibility for promoting our charity, and the design and production of literature, as well as organising external fund-raising events.

I very much enjoy this marketing work, as it plays very much to what I used to do in an earlier career (seemingly centuries ago!). 

In October 2020 I also took on the role of Chairman, which gives me a much wider exposure to all facets of this wonderfully worthwhile charity.