Neutering Subsidy

A stitch in time saves nine, or ninety!

Prevention is always better than cure and nowhere is that more apparent than in the cat rescue business.

At Worthing Cat Welfare Trust we rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed hundreds of felines last year, about a third of them kittens. Whilst we adore kittens – as anybody in their right mind does – the sheer number born without a ready home to go to generates a huge burden on our charity each year, in terms of both financial and human resources.

Given the economic hardships facing many of us in these difficult times, we are now offering a major subsidy to help those owners who simply cannot afford the full cost of neutering (and micro-chipping).

If you qualify for this scheme, our veterinary partners will carry out the procedure and Worthing Cat Welfare Trust will pick up the bill. All you have to do is pick up the cat and all puss has to do is stop producing more little pusses!

Apart from the obvious population benefits, it is also a vital way to reduce the risks to Tom, who wanders around neighbourhoods on the prowl, prone to the very real dangers on our busy roads. Almost as important, of course, is the micro-chipping, which gives the very highest chance of recovering your cat if he/she does wander off.

For more details about the scheme please contact us at [email protected].