Donate to help the cats

Here at Worthing Cat Welfare Trust we are rescuing and re-homing around 300 cats and kittens every year. This includes cats, whose owners are no longer able to care for them and also the strays, who may not have a friend nor ally in this world. Clearly, this is vital work and we provide a level of care and service second to none.

However, love and devotion are simply not enough. Our annual vet bills hover around the £250,000 mark and our overall rescue and billeting costs are increasing rapidly.

We only exist courtesy of the kindness and generosity of our supporters and donors. As a small charity, which employs no staff at all, our own management and administration costs are extremely low compared with many larger charities, which means much more of your donation finds its way directly to tangible cat welfare.

Anything you can contribute today will be gratefully received. Truly, it will be money well spent.