Lost and Found

We're here to help

We aim to help reunite cats & owners through the power of social media. If you have lost or found a cat please call or text our officer on 07724 781430 or alternatively email us.


If you have lost your cat there are several things you can do to maximise your chances of finding him/her quickly:

  • Ask neighbours to check their back gardens & outbuildings.
  • Make sure your cat’s microchip details are up to date.
  • Contact local charities & veterinary surgeries to make them aware that your cat is missing.
  • Put up posters and/or leaflet within a mile radius of your home.
  • Leave your cats litter tray by the back door (if they have one).
  • Search late at night when the noise of traffic etc has died down (we recommend after 10pm).


There are several things you can do to help reunite a cat you have found with their owner:

  • Check with neighbours around your area to see if the cat belongs to them.
  • Contact your local vet or animal charity and ask them to come and check the cat for a microchip.
  • Put up found cat posters and/or leaflet within a mile radius of finding him/her.
  • DO NOT FEED the cat immediately unless advised to by a vet or local charity. A lot of found cats are just piggies looking for an extra meal!